Survivor Fire & Safety Equip., Co., Inc.

PROMPT, COURTEOUS service. Are they traits you have been hard-pressed to find in your present fire protection company? Are they qualities that are important to you and that you thought were gone forever from your service company? Why not give us the opportunity to show you what it's like to deal with a company that offers PROMPT, COURTEOUS, EFFICIENT AND COST-EFFECTIVE service?

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Main Services Provided By Your Company

Survivor Fire & Safety Equip., Co., Inc. is a full-service company specializing in the design, sale, installation and inspection/testing of the following:

Fire Extinguishers and Accessories

Fire Hoses and Accessories

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems

FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems

Halon Fire Suppression Systems

Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Installation of Fire Sprinkler Water Flow & Tamper Supervisory Switches

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems/Controls

Optical Flame Sensors

Fire Pump and Hydrant Flow Testing

CCTV Systems

Card Access Control Systems

Security/Intrusion Systems